The Day After Super Tuesday


A few thoughts on yesterday’s Super Tuesday results.

Voters are throwing their support to the candidate they believe is most likely to beat Trump, placing less weight on their actual platform. In the eyes of many, Joe is the safe bet. They seem to be signaling their most pressing desire is to end the crazy.

Most voters are not falling in line for a revolution, regardless of whether one is needed (I personally think one is badly needed). A revolution is not a return to normal; it’s seen as a continuation of the chaos.

The millennials, the folks most favoring a revolution, did not show up. Not sure why but they did not turn out in the waves predicted and expected by the Sanders camp.

The socialist brand is hurting Bernie with older voters, especially the less educated. He could have done himself a real favor had he actually branded himself a progressive democrat years ago.

His issues are our issues but he has handicapped himself with the democratic socialist tag he tied around his own neck. The millennials, yes… the ones who were absent in large number… are the only demographic seemingly unconcerned by the term.

More specifically, they are the only ones who don’t seem concerned the republicans will use the term to brand Sanders a socialist or a communist at every chance during the general election. Most Americans don’t know the difference so of course they will.

Bloomberg underperformed because he was seen as Trump-lite. Another arrogant billionaire who treats women terribly and who would be a poor voice for those falling behind in society. His history of supporting republicans and golfing with Trump didn’t help his case.

Misogyny in the voting booth hurt Warren and Klobuchar. History tells us voters will choose strong and wrong over weak and right. With Trump, voters are looking for strength to parry strength which sadly continues to place women at a disadvantage.

It’s exasperating. Maybe we need a tatted up, nasty mouthed, street brawler next time. Maybe someone who would punch Trump in the nose, do the 30 days for assault then continue on the campaign trail. I mean, GEEZ! What do the women have to do???

I will vote “blue no matter who” but right now I’d say it’s Biden’s to lose. That said, should Biden win the nomination and Bernie fail to adequately rally his base in support, we will see Trump reelected.