Justice Is Sweet


fullsizeoutput_2Heidi Alford Frederic is a much loved teacher from Ascension Parish, Louisiana who recently attended the Women’s March in Washing, DC. As she passed the Trump hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, a photo was taken as she showed her disdain for our misogynist in chief.

The photo, pretty tame by today’s standards, was uploaded to her private Instagram account. But someone lifted it from there and posted it to Facebook, promoting it as evidence of her unworthiness as an educator and demanding she be fired. By local standards, it went viral. The owner of the now deleted Facebook page on which it was posted was never determined. They were too cowardly to make themselves known.

If their purpose was to smear Ms. Frederic, it didn’t go very well because the response wasn’t at all what they expected.

Instead the comments were overwhelmingly in favor of Ms. Frederic. Post after supportive post appeared on the bogus Facebook page from students who lauded her talents as a caring and able educator. They spoke of how she had impacted their young lives in positive ways. Parents came to her defense citing her professionalism and dedication. I’ve never met Ms. Frederic but after everything I’ve read from those who have, I hope to.

Heidi Alford Frederic did not lose her job. Justice is sweet in times like these.

So I’d like to thank her for Ms. Frederic for her passion and commitment to our children and our country.

And one more thing….. If only we had the power to trade a Heidi Alford Frederic for Betsy DeVos. How much better off would our nation’s children be?