We Used To Be Better Than This


coffee-keyboardPlease read the great article by John Woodrow Cox linked below. How can we have intelligent political discourse when people seem to have lost the ability to identify crazy when they see it? How many times have we tried to have simple conversations with people regarding politics and the next thing you know they are bringing up sex rings, protestors paid by George Soros, the new world order, kill lists and other batshit crazy crapola?

Our inability to recognize and disregard blatant propaganda and groundless bullshit is destroying the country. It’s how good people are led to bad beliefs and actions by those without a shred of honor or decency.

Bullshit propaganda radicalizes Americans in the same way that bullshit Islamic beliefs radicalize terrorists. They were not born terrorists. Someone fed them the bullshit which led to erroneous beliefs and unconscionable actions. How is that any different than what is going on in our country right now?

We used to be better than this.


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